Wednesday, July 28, 2010

'Inception' stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page dream big

Good read about 2 of "Incpetion's" actors,

"These days, the term “young Hollywood” conjures up images of pouty, plastic starlets being chased down Robertson Boulevard by paparazzi and probation officers, but recently the soulful side of young Hollywood made an appearance at a corner deli on Franklin Avenue.

“The best path for anyone is to just trust yourself, do what you believe in and don't try to cater to executives or whatever big company is going to give you a job at that moment,” Gordon-Levitt said as he munched on a blueberry muffin. Neither he nor Page arrived with publicist or entourage in tow — both speak more like New York stage actors than L.A. celebrities; Gordon-Levitt said that he doesn't see his participation in a $160-million summer film as a surrender to the mainstream because “Inception” flies in the face of most popcorn-film conventions.

 I think other things, beautiful things, are much more popular now but the executives at the big media corporations cant keep track of it all because their system isn't built to do that. The way that I get my media? I don't turn on a television, ever. I don't turn on a radio, ever. That isn't to say I don't watch TV -- I will watch some shows, which I get to pick, online. I read stuff and look at photos based on recommendations of people I trust and know all over the internet.”

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