Sunday, August 29, 2010

Marcus Troy's Thoughts on "Your Team"

We all know the popular phrase there is no I in Team but as much as a team can help you win they can also help you lose.
I’ve seen people who’ve had the potential to be great, fail because of who they had on their team.
The easiest way for this to happen is when you have people on your team misrepresenting you in public, sometimes this happens without your knowledge. They think they are doing you a favor but in reality they are doing you a disservice. Whether they’re trying to secure deals for you that you would not authorize, committing to things that you wouldn’t approve  of or simply just being the wrong person you need speaking on your behalf.
A lot of business deals have gone down the drain because of who was on someone’s team. A lot of my peers won’t do business with someone unless they know exactly who is on a team. When you are young and naïve you might not think about who needs to be on your team, you usually just roll with the people you’ve been around with your whole life. Sometimes you have to switch it up and strategically decide who you want to be around you, especially if you want to be successful.
The latest example I can share with you guys is about this artist who has great potential to make it but his team is hurting him beyond belief without him even knowing it. The guys he hangs around with want him to win so bad that they are aggressively pushing and bombarding everyone with the artists work. People are really starting to get fed up with these tactics so they are starting to hate said artist. The artist never really did any wrong  except have a bad team representing him. People always end up hating the product not the sales guy.
A team can be the guys you hang around with, your family members, the people you choose to do business with it or just the people others perceive to be down with you.
Remember that scene in Carlito’s way when Carlito’s nephew was out in the streets misrepresenting by saying how Carlito wanted to get back into the game, but it was not true? Well we all know how that scene ended…
So I suggest you be careful who you have pushing for you, which people you keep in your corner, and who you have representing you in the streets. It can really make the big difference in your life.

-Marcus Troy

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